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Corporate Travel Management

AEG Pakistan is the network partner of American Express Global Business Travel
carrying the legacy of American Express brand in Pakistan.

Travel Management

We provide a one-window solution for all your travel needs including Visa, Air, Hotels, Car, protocol services, airport lounges etc.

Choose from a range of service configurations and find the right fit for your organization:

  • Dedicated Resource

Benefit from the peace of mind of having a dedicated travel consultant on your premises to manage your travel program.

  •  Around the clock Support:

Call our state of the art call center and benefit from a team of experienced travel consultants around the clock.

  • Corporate Booking Tools:

Integrate online tools to empower travelers to book their own travel within company policy guidelines.

Empower our consultants to only make bookings which are within your travel policy after a proper approval process.

Travel Consultancy

If you are looking to optimize your travel program, then you can engage our travel program consultants to review your travel program, provide an end to end strategic plan suitable for  then aid you in its implementation.

  • Travel Policy development

Our team has vast experience and access to insights of policies of several organizations, both locally and internationally. With this knowledge our team can help you draft or improve your existing policy with industry specific best practices.

  • Benchmarking

From our vast pool of data, we can provide you with benchmarks to measure your program against and set targets for the future.

  • Reporting

We will review your reporting requirements and provide you with a customized solution that will include insights into instances of policy non-compliance.

  • Change Management

New initiatives can fail if the organization does not adopt them. We therefore provide presentation services for management and training programs on travel policy and its benefits to employees.

Traveler Safety

We offer multiple travel safety and crises management solutions.

  • Security assessment

Our team will work with your security team to provide a security assessment of travel destinations.

  • Security requirements

In coordination with your security team, we will only arrange services which meet your security requirements.

  • Crisis alerts

With AEG Crises Alerts, in an event of a crises at a destination, we promptly communicate information on your travelers present at that destination.

  • Traveler tracking

Our traveler tracking tools will allow you to pinpoint your travelers around the world, communicate with them and in case of any risks obtain their safety status.

  • Extraction and notification

Our team is available round the clock to manage travel disruptions and arrange extractions from high risk areas.


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