Compliance & Governance


At our company, we prioritize adherence to ethical standards and integrity. Our unwavering commitment to compliance underscores our reputation as a trusted partner for professional organizations. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards dishonesty and unethical conduct, ensuring that our clients have full confidence in our operations.

Auditor of the company

(a) External Auditor

A.F. Ferguson & Co.

serves as external auditors. We are fiscally compliant and are registered with the large taxpayer unit.

We are fully compliant with local laws and regulations, our code of conduct, and the US Money Laundering Act.

(b) Internal Auditor

Robust internal controls are an integral part of AEG Pakistan (AEG)’s corporate governance structure which enables the company to work efficiently towards the best interest of its stakeholders. To this end, AEG’s Board of Directors has set up an independent Internal Audit function, that reports to the Chairman Audit Committee and obtains relevant support from the company’s Chief Executive Officer

Chairman Audit Committee – Mohammed Sohail
Head of Internal Audit – Muhammad Adil Riaz – ACMA

Legal & tax Advisor

Legal Advisor

Lex Firma

Tax Advisor


PCI Details

PCI DSS has awarded AEG with the certificate of compliance for passing self-assessment questionnaire and Vulnerability Scan.

PCI Certificate

Diversity policy

AEG encourages and promotes diversity and equal employment opportunity. We are focused on employing competent individuals without discriminating based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religion, marital status, citizenship, disability etc.

Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of each individual to uphold the highest standard of personal business ethics, participate in all relevant training and avoid any action that could cause disrepute to the organization.

Leaders have even higher expectations to play a principal role in personifying the code and assisting their subordinates in regards to any queries and concerns. The code of conduct establishes and preserves the trust we have built with our employees, clients, and suppliers which are essential to our success.

Labor policy

AEG upholds every individual’s right to basic human rights. Therefore, we do not tolerate child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking. We will never intentionally facilitate sex or pedophile tourism.

If you have any reason to believe that any of our suppliers or other third parties is engaged in such activities then we encourage you to report them to

Whistle Blowing

AEG strongly encourages employees to report violations to the code in good faith. Good faith means to provide information with the intention of protecting the company from disrepute even if this information turns out to be false. Therefore, we maintain a strict confidentiality policy. To raise such issues, we encourage you to report them to

Details about Whistle Blowing Click Here.