Why AEG Immigration?

It all started back in 1948, since then, we have become a trusted brand with a track record of reliability, innovation, and providing excellent end-to-end services. This means that no matter where our customers do business, we are nearby and ready to help them succeed.

With such a stronghold within the industry, we provide a broad range of immigration services to cater to the diverse needs of our customers and to provide them with a one-stop solution for all their travel needs.

Our job is to find the best for our clients with the assistance of business immigration solicitors, who provide prompt and cost-effective advice to any individual applying.

Our experienced partners are Farani Taylor Solicitor UK and NTL Trust:

We will provide you with all the legal services required for immigration, including document checks, application submissions, payments, endorsement bodies, along with anything else required in the process.

Core Value

To ensure effective communication and create a valuable relationship between AEG and you.

Mission & Vision

To provide hassle-free processes and traveling.


To sell expertise, security, and support our clients throughout the process.